NXL Technologies, Inc. is powered by passionate football fans. We express and implement that passion by designing, creating and by making new technologically advanced, innovative, disruptive, scalable, patented (and patent pending) sports equipment designed to reduce impact (just like a shock absorber). Our hope is that our products will better protect athletes, reduce injuries, and preserve the legacy of sports as we now know it. We are committed to continuing innovation and expanding the application of our products beyond just the gridiron, in order to effect positive change in many other fields of use, including other sports, the construction industry, and additional areas.

NXL Technologies Inc. utilizes our in-house technical expertise to identify and develop advanced products which provide solutions to, among other things, improve safety in sports. Innovation is not just another word; it is part of our organizational bloodline and DNA. At NXL Technologies, Inc., we strive to perform at the highest industry standards. Our journey began in 2014 in Miami and continues today. We empower our engineers to constantly push the envelope of creativity and design, in order to usher in the dawning of a new era in sports safety.

For the past decade, NXL, Inc. has been developing innovative designs for football-related products that reduce the severity of applied impact and forces that occur in contact sports, particularly when players collide. Now, we are very excited to launch our new Concussions Device Series. These devices will play a huge role in taking football to the next level in protecting our athletes both on and off the field. The football helmets you see today will be a thing of the past and NXL believes we are the future in helping limit impact forces that lead to concussions and other head injuries from head-to-head contact on the field. Our Concussions Device Series brings together our passion for technology, football and protecting its athletes. Our new devices have been designed to put players that wear them back in control of their health and safety. The number one goal at NXL is to design a tool that will give the athlete the ability to make the right decisions on their health instantly. We are the future for sports safety for years to come. We design with passion for the game, and build for a safer tomorrow. We are NXL Technologies, Inc.

Football Development

We have spent over 8 years developing our patent pending protective head gear & device. Our patented and patent pending devices are intended to absorb and redistribute the force of a collision while decreasing the rotation of the head (and correspondingly the brain), thus reducing the severity of the impact, and reducing concussion-related injuries.

(Software) BioApp

The robusta strain was first collected in 1890 from the Lomani River, a tributary of the Congo River, and was conveyed from Zaire (now the Democratic Republic of Congo) to Brussels to Java around 1900.

                           BASE BioSensor

can be adapted any industrial infrastructure (I.e. trains, construction equipment, non-civilian, airports, etc.) and any commercial industry, workplace environment, cross-docking, transportation, distribution, etc.


The technology used for the BASE can be applied to other sports across-the-board and will usher in a new era of sports safety into the foreseeable future and can be applied to these sports.