Military System Technology

BASE Military Neurological Monitoring

Identify: BASE strategic sensors can be placed in military headgear and bullet proof vests to retrieve safe and reliable vital signs, blood pressure, blood oxygen levels, heart rate, stress level, and body temperature in real time.

Evaluate: BASE evaluates military personnel being exposed to any sort of trauma due to field engagement and training.

Prevent: BASE will prevent wasted resources by giving military personnel the ability to review combat data in real time. Thus, allowing for the execution of a speedier and less costly recovery time for all military personnel.

Protection:  BASE will become the first line of defense by communicating important medical information regarding the host. Thus, allowing for communication based on accurate medical information resulting in a decisive and appropriate action by all branches of the U.S. military, S.W.A.T., law enforcement (local, state, and federal), EMT/firefighters, paramedics, and first responders.

Logistics System

The BASE BioSensor (“BASE”) can be adapted to any industrial infrastructure (trains, construction equipment, airports, etc.). It can also be adapted to any commercial industry, workplace environment, cross-docking, transportation, distribution, etc.

BASE Logistics

The BASE BioSensor will allow companies to monitor their operating and self-contracted drivers, a human resources obstacle. By giving the company the ability to track in real time a driver’s bio data information, it will reduce the risk of human error and allow better management controls.

In 2014, there were 3.9 million injuries involving motor vehicles. BASE allows companies to have the upper hand when it comes to litigation as it allow companies to monitor their operating and self-contracted drivers. Although normally a human resource obstacle, BASE gives a company the ability to track, in real time, a driver’s bio data information. It reduces the risk of human error and allows for better management control.

Identify: BASE’s carefully placed sensors are intended to identify the amount of fatigue, stress, sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, and body core temperature of the employee. It determines if he/she is under influence of medication and/or other drugs that could impair their driving ability.

Evaluate: BASE covers all the above by self-alerting the drivers through intervals, holding the driving accountable, and allowing the company to take ownership.

Prevent: BASE prevents liability and accident by evaluating employee’s stress and mandating proper rest.

Protection: BASE gives a company the resources to maintain awareness across the organization by protecting its employees and assets as well as reducing the cost of worker’s compensation insurance.

Gladiator Shield

NXL, will revolutionize the sport of non-tackle football with our new patent pending Gladiator Shield. The unique design of the Gladiator Shield provides a breathable, comfortable, soft-shell helmet design for non-contact sports. 

Gladiator Shield allows air to flow through our soft helmet and prevent overheating. By adding a self-adjusting hook and looping chin strap, Gladiator Shield maintains the look and feel of a real football helmet without the hard shell.

Gladiator Shield series can also be used for other non-contact sports like 7 v 7 Flag Football, boxing, field hockey, hockey, MMA, soccer, rugby, lacrosse, water polo, and volleyball.

We Combine athlete insights and research into non-tackle football along with other non-contact sports, our unique design provides the most breathable, comfortable soft-shell helmet design for non-contact sports.

Gladiator Shield allows air to flow through our soft helmet and prevent overheating. By adding self-adjusting hook and looping chin strap, we still give the player the look and feel of real football helmet without the hard shell.

Locking System Technology

CliffLock System

NXL Technologies, Inc., is improving safety in sporting goods equipment, and other industries,Through its research and development of innovative product designs, NXL Technologies, Inc., is improving safety in sporting goods equipment and other industries. The “CliffLock System” (patent pending) is a prime example of this innovative technology. The “CliffLock System” is a self-locking fastener and double threaded screw.

However, we quickly realized that the “CliffLock System” had much wider areas of potential use application in construction, military and industrial applications. The “CliffLock System” is in simplest terms a self-locking fastener and double threaded screw. The design of the “CliffLock System” can be applied to almost any industry or use; specifically including but not limited to: automotive, aviation, construction, furniture, helmets, and the military. The “CliffLock System” can be applied to any industrial application which requires a tight connection.

The three-way lightweight locking system exerts a strong hold during impact. By self-locking, the system further resists rotation as well. Additionally, the “CliffLock System” is capable of easy removal and reinstallation. The self-locking fastener system has also been designed to decrease fastener fatigue by reducing the transfer of forces caused by any vibrations applied to the fastener. 

Although common alternatives to the “CliffLock System” (jam nuts, conventional mechanical locks, cotter pins, lock nuts, lock washers, and other similar devices) also prevent the loss of the bolt or nut, their use adds extra weight, costs, and labor. Furthermore, none of these common alternative, reduce the tendency to suffer from fatigue when loosened. The insecurity of common alternatives to The “CliffLock System” system arise partly from the frequency with which split-type washers break, damage to surface areas caused by external locking devices, and the potential ineffectiveness of such devices when adjustments are needed.

The “CliffLock System” however, is designed to be stronger, lighter, cheaper, and require less labor than use of the common alternatives. The potential applications of the system are near limitless as it can be modified in size to fit a wide plethora of situations, including hurricane shutters and any other coverings affixed to shelters, hospitals, nursing homes, fire/police departments, residence windows, doorways, vehicle seats, helmets and apartment windows. 

Further, although the “CliffLock System’s” initial intended use was within football, the“CliffLock System’s” could be used in almost any industry which requires a tight connection including, but not limited to automotive, aviation, construction, furniture, military, and industrial applications.