NXL Technologies, Inc. Management Team


Clifford L. Tubbs

Founder | President | Chairman

Clifford is an insatiable problem solving inventor, and an avid sportsman. These passions led him to create NXL, Inc. (n/k/a NXL Technologies Inc.), in 2014 and they continue to fuel the company’s trajectory to success. His energy and drive are infectious, as those working with him will readily attest. Those passions stoke the fires of ingenuity for his engineering team, turning innovative concepts into practical realities. Mr. Tubbs approaches each new engineering challenge with his intrinsic flair for creative problem-solving and bringing down costs.

Clifford loves his children and sports, particularly American-style football. When Clifford became aware of the growing safety problem facing young athletes, particularly the looming threat of concussions and brain damage to youth players, he felt something needed to change. Clifford, who played football as a young man himself, recognized and understood the athlete’s perspective regarding comfort, protection, and above all, their safety concerns.

Clifford has poured his experiences, talent, and drive tirelessly into NXL, to prepare the company for entry into the marketplace with products and services designed to improve the reduction of impact transmitted to athletes. The products designed by Clifford have the capacity for use across multiple fields and industries, not just sports.

NXL Technologies, Inc. Management Team

Jeffrey D. Rubinstein

Vice President | Vice Chairman Border Director |

Legal Representative

William T. Lohman

Border Director | Secretary | Legal Representative

Jessica L. Saiontz

Border Director | Legal Representative

Walter D. Shealy III

Consultant | Board Member

Robert Mantilla

Operation Manager | Director of Engineering | Board Member

Obin Ware

Graphic Manager | Jr. Engineer | Engineer Board Member