WarClips System

NXL Technologies, Inc. initially created its new attachment devise C-Clips to reduce FaceMask detachment. It has two unique components—C Flex-Housing and the C-Plate which are treaded.

The C-Flex-Housing is a solid,flexible housing component which encapsulates our C-Plate into a single unit. C-Plate is our new, stronger, flexible inner liner which runs the full length of our C-Clips.

Our C-Shock component is designed to reduce vibration from impact and FaceMask detachment. It encases the female channel of the C-Clips.

WarDamper System

NXL Technologies, Inc’s. patent-pending WarDamper System is designed to absorb and redistribute the force of impact while mitigating rotation of the head and helmet. Each damper can absorb up to 150 lbs per damper after impact.

The WarDamper system is just one phase of NXL Technologies, Inc.’s WarShield FaceMask System. Each impact will give the WarShield Face-Mask System a slight deformation which is different from the aesthetic face mask systems that are currently on the market.

The WarShield Face Mask System has the ability of keeping the helmet balanced when impact occurs. If excessive force occurs, the system will deform absorbing the extra energy.

This will then indicate to trainer or coach that the player needs to be medically evaluated and the system should then be replaced, while keeping the former, damaged system for documentation and record-keeping purposes.

Mohawk System Series

Our Mohawk System Series has a one of a kind inner core layer. These layers are built on an X-BioVertical and L-BioHorizontal three-layer Mohawk T-Cell System. The Mohawk T-Cell System is designed to absorb impact forces within the inner shell of the NXL helmet design. Although primarily designed for the NXL helmet, the Mohawk T-Cell System is universal and can fit any other helmet on the market.

The Mohawk T-Cell System takes on the characteristics and the shape of a human head, which is designed in five different phases. The Mohawk T-Cell System is designed to keep the upper back of the player’s neck leveled and balanced, giving them clear visibility and mobility when playing the game. This will inevitably help reduce the chance of an injury.

Our greatest achievement is our whiplash system. This system allows the quarterback to engage in the tackle even from his blindside. This will keep him from not feeling the full blunt force of impact from a front or back side tackle.

BASE BioSensor Software

BASE is a four-layered developed platform used to monitor sports athletes during training, practice and games. BASE ™ BioSensor Software (BASE) will allow players to retake control of their health. It will also allow coaches, trainers, team doctors, and parents to monitor the player on and off the field.

The BASE identifies and evaluates its host in real time to help prevent worsening head trauma and other injuries.

Each of BASE’s five layers are identified below:

1. Identify stress levels before potential injuries.

2. Evaluate data collected by the BASE App.

3. Communicate information to trainers and coaches on ongoing vitals, statistics, stress levels, fatigue and body core temperature.

4. Protect from future injuries by allowing better decision making as to when to bench an injured or potentially injured player.

5. Monitoring each athlete’s health to minimize risk of injury, manage medical records, and maximize performance and availability.

Concussion Technology (Software) BASE BioSensor system will monitor brain activity and record electrical activity in real time.

These vitals will include brain activity, blood pressure, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, body temperature thermometer, electrocardiogram (ECG), which should also have the ability to identify migraines, dizziness, and headaches due to football concussions.

The BASE BioSensor has the ability to adapt to any aspect of the commercial industry (i.e. trains, buses, construction equipment, military, swat, police, EMT/Firefighters, first response FBI, DEA, CIA Secret Service, airports, etc.) and any commercial industry, workplace environment, cross-docking, transportation, distribution, etc.

The technology used for the BASE can be applied to other sports and will usher in a new era of sports safety. It can be applied to these sports and more:

Basketball, Fitness Sports, Kung Fu, Pro Wrestling, Water Polo, Baseball, Fitness Training, Lacrosse, Rugby, Winter Olympic Sports, Boxing, Gymnastics, Martial Arts, Snow Sports, Cheer leading Hockey, NASCAR, Soccer, Cycling, Horse Racing, Off-Road Sports, Speed skating, Football, Judo, Tennis, Field Hockey, Karate Polo, Sports Track and Field, Figure Skating, Kick Boxing, Power Lifting, Volleyball.

Base-BioApp-(Software), Sports-IT-Solutions (L.S.D.D)

Optimist Helmet Series


Our patent-pending Optimist Helmet™ (currently in development) will include bio and mechanical engineering technology that is necessary for player health.

The outer shell has been uniquely designed to evenly distribute impact energy in an effort to mitigate forces transferred to the head upon impact.

The inner shell, equipped with our revolutionary lightweight design Mohawk System™, will be able to further mitigate impact and rotational forces.


The 30-Series is design for offensive player positions only. This will change the way the game is seen and played. The -30-Series will cover five key positions, but the most important position is the quarterback.

The Quarterback Helmet System is designed to keep the lower back of a quarterback’s neck leveled and balanced, giving him clear visibility and mobility during game play.

Our new whiplash system would allow the quarterback to better endure a tackle even from his blindside.


The 40-Series is designed for defensive player positions only. A defensive lineman is a player that plays on the line of scrimmage. Once the ball is snapped, his job is to engage the offensive linemen.

Players often use their hands like blunt objects, slamming them into the chest of their opponent. This leads to pushing the opponent’s helmet back, causing the offensive player to back up while pushing back.

The Mohawk System will allow the defensive lineman to engage, allowing him to keep his head and neck lowered and balanced between their shoulder blades.


It is imperative that athletes have the power to control their health. Bio-Data-Technology will allow players along with coaches, trainers, team doctors and parents to retake control of their health.

The Optimist is intended to identify and evaluate its hosts’ game play in real time, to help prevent head injury.

The 50-Series is designed to identify, evaluate, communicate, protect, and monitoring (IECPM). This will allow athletes to make the right decisions involving their health in real time.

Monitoring-Bio-Sensor-System has a lower neck identification device sensor and upper forehead identification device sensor that monitors brain activity and recording of electrical activity for the Optimist-Bio-Helmet devices.