Technologies, Inc. (NXL)

It is time for us to embark on a revolutionary wave of innovation with today’s technology. In the past decade, new startup companies have transformed and grown the technology industry. NXL strives to continue that growth worldwide with our innovative patent and patent pending technology.

Our focus begins with research and development reinforced by our motto that engineering begins from within. Since we work from the inside out, we integrate bio and mechanical engineering as a source to improve our designs, increase their strength, and minimizes product fatigue.

As such NXL abides by four principles: identify, evaluate, communicate, and prevent. With our focus on engineering from within, we identify the problem, evaluate the design, and communicate with our engineers to prevent issues with manufacturers.

Make no mistake—we design and engineer for every athlete. We have learned from our mistakes and grow with our passion for the game. As such, we have built your first line of defense through our innovation and technology. We are dedicated to players’ safety and are excited to reveal new technology that is superior than the rest.

We are NXL Technologies, Inc. Your warrior within!